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Mrs. Frazier


Kelly Frazier joined the Maroon family in 2018. She is from Hinton and graduated from Hinton High School and Southwestern Oklahoma State University. She is a former member of Mu Phi Epsilon. Her family includes her husband is David M. Frazier (the son, not the older David). She has two grown children, Jacquelyn and Brendan Schwickerath, one grown stepson, Aaron Frazier and one grandson, Linkin Frazier. An interesting fact about Mrs. Frazier is that she has lived in 8 states and has been certified to teach in 5 of them. Only three of the states she has lived in were inland. That includes Oklahoma where she was born. In her free time she enjoys watching home makeover shows.


Birthday: July, 4

Food: I like food

Drink: Mainly water, unsweet peach tea, Diet Dr. Pepper

Dessert: Chocolate Almonds and just about about anything with sugar in it. 

Candy: Lindt truffles

Fast Food: Salads from Chik-Fil-A and Gyros from Arby’s 

Office/Classroom Item: Sticky notes, Colorful fine point pens and markers

Favorite Books/Magazines: I used to read a lot, but have gotten out of the habit.  I take suggestions. 

Movies: I like most of the superhero/comic book movies and most sci-fi, but a good comedy is always fun. 

Sports Team: Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh Steelers unless they let go of one more Ok State player. 

Flower: Wildflowers. All Flowers except for the stinky ones.

Color: Emerald green, pink and black

Season: Spring, but I could do without the wind and tornados

Store: The Home Store

Scents: Vanilla, coconut, grapefruit and lilac