Education Foundation


What Is The Perry Education Foundation?

The rapidly accelerating pace of progress and innovation is both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. In an increasingly competitive world, we are faced with challenges and opportunities that previously could only have been imagined.


Likewise, our children are faced with possibilities that are limited only by the quality and content of the education they receive. Limited by time, funding, and other inherent restrictions, even the very best educators are often faced with the predicament of wanting to offer students more, but the inability to do so. The Perry Education Foundation was created expressly to address this dilemma.


With a clear focus and a renewed enthusiasm, the Foundation is committed to providing our teachers with the additional tools to help prepare our kids for success. In support of the tireless efforts of the Perry Public School teachers and staff, the Foundation seeks to offer funding for supplemental programs to meet that goal.


What Are The Goals Of PEF?

It is hoped that together we can help to instill, nurture, and satisfy the hunger for learning, knowledge and creativity in all of our students – creating smart, caring, productive and ambitious young adults who are motivated to compete and prepared to excel in the fast paced, competitive world they are about to enter.

2019 Foundation Board of Trustees

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Trustees

Voting Trustees Office
David Crossley President
  Vice President
Harlene Colen Secretary
Angie Drake Treasurer
Gina Bolay Member
Bryan Chrz Member
Pat Cook Member
Ricky Harbour Member
Charity Moxley Member
Grady Parmley Member
Lyndonna Williams Member
Dr. Terry McCarty- Superintendent of Perry Public Schools
Stephanie Rames- Clerk

2019 Committees

Allocation Committee Stephanie Rames
Finance Committee Angie Drake (chair), Charity Moxley, Lyndonna Williams
Nominating Committee Pat Cook, Ricky Harbour
Fundraiser Committee Bryan Chrz, Grady Parmley
PR Committee  
Grant Announcement Committee Harlene Colen & Gina Bolay (chair)