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Superintendent's Message


Pride. Support. Opportunity. Future. These are just a few of the words that describe the

excitement shared by students, staff, and school board of Perry Public Schools. Good things are

happening and the days ahead are looking bright for Perry Maroons!


The $25 million school bond issue passed in 2018 has given Perry Schools the opportunity to

grow and improve in not only facility upgrades, but in academics, athletics, technology and

more. The new 65,000 square foot junior high school and athletic facility should open in late

2021.This new junior high will have larger classrooms than the current building and has room to handle at least 20% growth or more.


The bond also covered renovations to other school buildings, added security measures,

updated classroom textbooks and technology, and purchased new school buses and vehicles.


This would not have been possible without the support of Perry citizens voting in favor of the

bond. Local businesses, organizations, alumni, and parents go to amazing lengths to support

student education. Whether it’s providing a meal to school staff, donating school supplies to

students, sponsoring an event, volunteering, partnering to offer summer educational programs, or simply voting in favor of the bond, every need is fulfilled.


“I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to have a community as supportive as ours. It’s

impressive and makes me proud,” says Dr. Terry McCarty, Superintendent of Perry Public



The Perry school district has more than 1,000 students enrolled and nearly 150 staff members, and continues to see growth year over year. The pandemic presented some challenges, but the Maroons made adjustments, offered some virtual learning options, persevered and were fortunate to keep their doors open during the entire 2020-2021 school year. A feat that only a small number of school districts in the nation were able to do. It was with the help and cooperation of parents, guardians, and the community working together to achieve this accomplishment.


The Maroons are not only seeing success in the classroom, but are also excelling in high school athletics, band, and activities. The basketball teams have made back-to-back state tournament appearances, track earned several state medals last spring, the boys golf team had an impressive 2021 season, softball had two athletes earn college scholarships, football continues to compete at a high level, the band is one of the best in the state, and the legendary wrestling program will celebrate its 100th season this year, while also developing a dedicated girls wrestling program. In addition, the agriculture education program and leadership clubs are giving our students opportunities to grow and prepare them for life after high school.


“The school system really is the heart of Perry. A thriving, successful school equates to a

thriving community. It’s our shared responsibility as a community to open the door of opportunity for all students and equip them to be leaders outside of the classroom,” commented Rick Johnson, Trustee and Manager of the Malzahn Family Limited Partnership.


To feel better prepared for the future, the administration and school board are in the process of creating a long-term strategic plan for Perry Public Schools. This comprehensive plan will include a vision, goals, and overall direction for the school district over the next several years.


There are many exciting accomplishments and opportunities already in motion, with even more on the horizon for Perry Public Schools. “The momentum is just getting started. Come be a part of something big,” says McCarty.


August 30, 2021