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Ms. Schieffer

High School English I, AP US History, Leadership, Film; Student Council Sponsor

Anna Schieffer joined the Maroon family in 2020. She is from Perry, OK and graduated from Perry High School; then received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Certified in Social Studies and English Language Arts from Oklahoma State University. An interesting fact about Ms. Schieffer is that 11 is her lucky number! She was born on 11/11, graduated in 2011, and was the 11th grandchild in her family! In her free time she loves to read (the scarier the better), cook/bake, and being outside!


Birthday: November 11

Food: Mexican Food

Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper

Dessert: Cake

Candy: Anything sour!

Fast Food: Chick Fil A

Office/Classroom Item: To Do List

Favorite Books/Magazines: I love thrillers!

Movies: Anything with a happy ending, and/or a plot twist!

Sports Team: Oklahoma State 

Flower: Tulips

Color: Orange

Season: Fall

Store: Homegoods

Scents: Cinnamon/Spice