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Mrs. Nelson

High School Counselor 

Tiffany Nelson joined the Maroon family in 2011. She is from Tonkawa, OK and graduated with an Associate in Arts-English; Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education; and Master of Education in School Counseling. Her family includes her husband, Mark and children, Daisy and Scarlett. An interesting fact about Mrs. Nelson is that she is not a people person outside of her job. In her free time she enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, reading, and running.


Birthday: May 26

Food: Mexican Food 

Drink: Diet Pepsi and Coffee

Dessert: Cheese Cake and Cinnamon Rolls

Candy: Sour Skittles

Fast Food: Chick-fil-A

Office/Classroom Item: Sticky Notes and Papermate Ink Joy gel pens

Favorite Books/Magazines: Fiction and Non-Fiction and health and cooking magazines

Movies: Forrest Gump 

Sports Team: OSU

Flower: Daisy and Rose

Color: Green

Season: Summer

Store: Dillards

Scents: Vanilla