Elementary Report Cards & Award Certificate Pickup - May 15, 11am-1pm

Report Cards and Award Certificates at Perry Elementary

Friday, May 15, 11 am - 1 pm 

Upper students will pick up materials like drop off and pick up on a regular day.  All materials will be delivered to you curbside, do not leave your vehicle or come into the building.  The 3rd & 4th grades will pick up in the big circle at the Upper and 5th & 6th in the parking area by the flag pole at the Upper.  Also, if you have a 3rd & 4th and a 5th & 6th, choose one of the Upper lanes, and we will bring them all to you. Lower students will pick up in the large parking lot where the buses usually park at the Lower.  Lunch pick up will be in the connecting circle as it has been the last few weeks. You may have to go through three lines (if you have Upper Students, Lower Students, and are picking up lunch.) The lunch and pick up times coincide so that parents who have to pick up materials and want lunch only have to make one trip.  This will be the final day of lunch service.  Reports cards will be held if a student has an outstanding lunch balance or a library book checked out.