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Mrs. Ward


1st grade teacher

Marianne Ward joined the Maroon family in 2008. She is from Waldo, KS and graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood. Her family includes her husband, Kirk and children; Greg, Erica, Megan, and Ryan. She also has 8  Grandchildren; Alyssa, Grayson, Madison, Camilla, Kinsey, Rylee, Ellie, and Olivia. An interesting fact about Mrs. Ward is that her parents and grandparents were all educators too. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family.


Birthday: February 27

Food: crab legs, steak, Mexican, Chinese

Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper, Peach Tea

Dessert: brownies, cookies, cake, pie

Candy: 100 Grand, Reese's pieces, Heath bar, Rollos

Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A, McAllister's, Subway, Braums

Office/Classroom Item: card stock,  laminating sleeves, Marks a lot markers,  stickers, skittles, m&m's

Favorite Books/Magazines: Children's books

Movies: Don't have any favorites or much time to watch movies.

Sports Team: OSU Cowboys/Chiefs

Flower: hibiscus, hydrangeas, lilacs

Color: blue

Season: Spring

Store: Lakeshore, Mardel's, Teachers Pay Teachers, Wal Mart

Scents: all scents (not coconut)