Debbie Rodriguez » Ms. Rodriguez

Ms. Rodriguez

District Registrar & Student Information Director

Debbie Rodriguez joined the Maroon family in 2007. She is from Perry and graduated with a Master's Business Administration & Management degree. Her family includes children:  her daughter Melissa and her husband Steve, her daughter Martha and her husband Marcelino, her daughter Meredith and her husband Patrick & her son Matt; grandchildren:  Madison, Eric, Jaxson, Maddox, Amelia & Maisyn. In her free time she enjoys sitting on her deck, thinking/reading/breathing and drinking either coffee or sweet tea.


Birthday: June 21

Food: I'll try about anything.

Drink: Sweet Tea/Coffee/Dr. Pepper

Dessert: Tiramisu/German Chocolate anything

Candy: Chocolate

Fast Food: Mexican

Office/Classroom Item: Coffee Maker/Computer/Pen/Ergonomic Keyboard

Favorite Books/Magazines: Real Simple Magazine

Movies: Almost everything, if I don't like I turn it off.

Sports Team: Perry Maroons/LA Rams/OSU/Fresno State

Flower: Tulips

Color: Grey/Black/Orange

Season: Spring

Store: Kirklands/Big Lots

Scents: Vanilla/Cinnamon